Hacienda Nápoles.

Hacienda Nápoles

Hacienda Nápoles

Hacienda Nápoles (Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia) – for those fascinated with Colombia’s infamous history as being a one-time epicenter of the international narcotics trade, this is a ‘must see” destination: the former residence of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar (who once headed the Medellín Cartel). Located six hours (via car) northwest of Bogotá, this estate’s entrance has a replica of Escobar’s first drug-smuggling plane (a Piper).


Along with Escobar’s home, the estate (who received an accolade from TripAdvisor in 2014) was best-known for its one-time elaborate zoo (some of the exotic animals that were once here – from elephants to giraffes and hippos — had to be relocated after his demise, while others are still on-site). Nowadays, this estate is a theme park, attracting around 50,000 visitors a year. Among the sites here are concrete replicas of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, as well as an anti-crime museum (which was once Escobar’s mansion), an African cultural museum, and even a water theme park. To the surprise of some visitors, there’s even a hotel here.


Admission: COP$34,000 to 65,000 per person (depending on sites visited within the theme park). Hours vary. See the park’s website for more info: